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Mormon Youtube Videos

A work-in-progress

There are countless youtube videos that deal with Mormonism available on the Internet. Some are informative, some are funny, some are faith-promoting and many are enlightening. A list of the Exmormon Foundation video presentations for 2008 and 2009 are available at their website. Here is a collection of videos available on the Internet that we especially liked or found interesting.


Book of Mormon Translation. This 4 minute video is a sensitive introduction to the Book of Mormon translation process. It is not anti-Mormon and is very factual. Can be shared with faithful members. This was produced by some fans of MormonThink. Thanks for the plug.

The Way of the Mister: Mormonism is Racism. Six minute video done professionally by Mr. Deity on racism in the Book of Mormon.

Behind the Veil. This 7 minute video was filmed covertly inside the temple. Longer versions available here: Link is here.

Tactics of a Mormon Apologist

This excellent 18 minute video by FlackerMan analyzes methods used by typical Mormon apologists who try to devalue claims made by those questioning the LDS religion or expressing doubts. FlackerMan takes apart a presentation that Scott Gordon, president of the Mormon apologetic group FAIR, gave at Utah Valley University in 2012. Gordon presents two lists of references that he claims proves the church is being open and honest about Joseph Smith's polygamy and the translation method of the Book of Mormon. Do these lists show what Gordon claims, or are they simply obfuscation?

Provo Girls. OK, this is just a take-off of the song 'California Girls'. It's innocent enough but very funny and very popular.

The Way of the Mister: The Mormon Testimony

LONG VIDEOS (or multiple parts)

Top 10 Mormon Problems Explained. For those who have been wanting a good, modern, detailed, youtube video that explains the top problems of the Mormon Church, it has arrived. The following video introduces the Top 10 Problems of the Mormon Church. It's a long video at 1 hr and 21 min but it's easy to watch yet provides just enough detail to introduce each of 10 serious problems in the LDS church. It's not anti-Mormon at all yet plainly explains the top issues that critics have with the church. Think of it as a modern replacement for the 'Godmakers video' but something you might be more comfortable sharing with friends and family. Thanks to the makers of the video as they plug MT and several other worthy sites.

Lying for the Lord. This was a presentation by former CES teacher Ken Clark that he gave at the 2008 Exmormon Foundation conference. Ken is a great presenter and made the presentation very funny, interesting and informative. It is shown on youtube in 10 parts. Part one is here. Or can be be viewed via Stream Now. The links to all parts on youtube can be found here as well information on the presenter.

Top 5 Myths and Truths about Why Committed Mormons Leave the Church. This hour-long video was produced by John Dehlin and gives a good summary of why people leave the church and what members and the church can do to help people stay in the church. Not anti at all. John Dehlin has updated his popular 'Why people leave the LDS Church and what can we do about it' video. He has now included results of a survey.

Powerpoint presentation can be found here.

Chased out of Mormonism. This was a presentation by former member Lyndon Lamborn that he gave at the 2008 Exmormon Foundation conference. Lyndon did an excellent job recapping his unique journey out of Mormonism. It's entertaining and informative. It is shown on youtube in six parts. Part one is here. The links to all parts on youtube as well as Lyndon's other videos and writings, including the video of his actual excommunication, go here.

Joseph Smith's Language Problems. This was a presentation by former member Richard Packham that he gave at the 2009 Exmormon Foundation conference. Richard is a brilliant man and a continually requested speaker at the ExMormon conferences. Richard has a vast knowledge of languages and linguistics. That, coupled with his knowledge of the LDS Church and it's detailed history, gives Richard perhaps a unique perspective of the linguistic problems in Mormonism that very few members know the extent of. It's informative and pretty humorous as well. It is shown on youtube in ten parts. Part one is here. Richard's popular website is here.

Authorship - Who really wrote the Book of Mormon. This was a presentation by Craig Criddle, Ph. D that he gave at the 2009 Exmormon Foundation conference. Craig is one of the experts on the Spalding theory which gives an alternative explanation to the origins of the Book of Mormon. He is famous (or infamous) for his essay Sidney Rigdon: Creating the Book of Mormon. Craig's presentation was really well done. It is informative and the best one we've ever seen on this subject. It is shown on youtube in ten parts. Part one is here. Craig's continual work is here.

I am an Ex-Mormon - a new weekly video series made to provide a counter to the 'I am a Mormon' videos.

Charles Larson youtube video - author of By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus speaks about his joining and then resigning from the LDS Church.

Grant Palmer Presentation - LDS historian and former Church Education System instructor Grant Palmer, gave an excellent talk in SLC in October 2012 at the Ex-Mormon Conference entitled “My Ah-Ha Moments in Researching Mormon History”. This was a great presentation by Grant that everyone really enjoyed and is now available on youtube.

Book of Mormon Tories, Part Deux: Colonial Influences in the Book of Mormon- by Tom Donofrio. Presented in SLC in October 2012 at the Ex-Mormon Conference.

The Joseph Smith Papyri - This 23 minute video, made by a Latter-day Saint is one of the best, most concise and neutral overviews of the Joseph Smith papyri. He gives an excellent summary of the history of the Book of Abraham, the problems and the apologetic explanations.

Dan Vogel Videos

LDS historian and author Dan Vogel has made and continues to make some of the best and most informative videos on a variety of LDS topics. Dan is very thorough in his research and viewers can learn a lot of things about LDS history that they likely never saw anywhere else. The videos are not anti-Mormon yet reveal many facts that most Latter-day Saints know little, if anything about. Here's a list of his videos by topic:

Book of Mormon Witnesses

Award-wining author Dan Vogel has just come out with his latest video (Sep 2014). In this first of two parts, Dan examines the Three Book of Mormon witnesses and does an in-depth analysis of their testimony.

Since its publication in 1830, the Book of Mormon has been accompanied by the Testimony of Three Witnesses claiming to have seen the an angel with the plates and the Testimony of Eight Witnesses claiming that Joseph Smith showed them the plates, which they were allowed to handle. However, subsequent statements by members of both groups of witnesses indicate that the published Testimonies can be misleading and that using them to recreate the historical events behind them is a mistake. In fact, there is significant evidence that the experiences of the Three Witnesses was more subjective than their published Testimony implies and that the Eight Witnesses' examination of the plates was not completely natural and physical.

Book of Mormon Witnesses - Pt 1 - The Three - Dan Vogel

The second video is now available (Oct 2014) that focuses on the eight witnesses:

In this video, I discuss how relying on the published Testimony of Eight Witnesses has led many to incorrectly assume the experience of the eight men was completely natural and physical. I present evidence that the eight witnesses saw the plates in vision and offer four possible scenarios how that occurred. I also discuss the apologetic resistance to new evidence regarding the experiences of the eight witnesses.

Book of Mormon Witnesses - Pt 2 - The Eight - Dan Vogel

MT Editor Comment: The above videos from 2014 are a great resource that critically analyzes the BOM witness statements and puts them in context. Dan challenges many of the assertions taken by LDS apologist Richard Anderson.

Joseph Smith's 1826 Court Trial

Joseph Smith's 1826 Trial (Pt 1) - The Verdict - Dan Vogel

Joseph Smith's 1826 Trial (Pt 2) The Testimony - Dan Vogel

Locations of Joseph Smith's Treasure Quest

Locations of Joseph Smith's Treasure Quests pt 1 Dan Vogel

Locations of Joseph Smith's Treasure Quests pt 2 Dan Vogel

Joseph Smith's 1823 Discovery of Gold Plates

Occult context of Joseph Smith's 1823 Discovery of Gold Plates

Evolution of Mormon Authority Claims

Youtube Video: Evolution of Mormon Authority Claims Pt 1 Dan Vogel

Youtube Video: Evolution of Mormon Authority Claims P2 1 Dan Vogel

Covers multiple topics discussed on MormonThink

Joseph Smith Brings the Plates Home - Dan Vogel

Theories on Joseph Smith motives

“Joseph Smith's Motives – The Prophet Puzzle”

For a list of all of Dan's videos: Dan Vogel Channel


Christian Videos

Although many questioning Latter-day Saints prefer to watch critical videos based solely on historical evidence without a Christian bias, there are some LDS that wish to see videos made by other Christian groups. We present one such long video:

made by the Christ Presbyterian Church in Utah: An Earnest Plea to Latter-day Saints