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NOTE: This webpage (and all the webpages linked below) are taken entirely from the website before the web content of that site changed in May, 2009. The former website was made by the late Ted Chandler. Many Mormon researchers appreciate the work Ted did and we didn't want to see his work disappear from the web. We hope Mr. Chandler doesn't mind, but his work is used, admired and referenced by too many people to simply disappear. Also, several mirror archive sites exist for mormonstudies but most have either since removed the content or have information at least five years out of date. So we at MormonThink decided that if it was going to be published on the Internet anyway by archive websites, that we might as well publish the most accurate version as we did our backup a month before the original mormonstudies was removed. We haven't changed any of the content but did format some things for easier readability.



This site is devoted to detailed
explorations of the Book of Mormon
and related topics.


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