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Mormon Stories

Mormon Stories is a collection of podcasts done by John Dehlin. He initially retired the series in 2007 but started doing the podcasts again at the end of 2009. The contributors to MormonThink have always enjoyed listening to the many interesting and unbiased interviews done on Mormon Stories about various aspects of Mormonism. The archived stories and new stories are available at

Note: You need to install iTunes first. It's free and you do not need an Ipod to listen to the podcasts from your computer.


Mormon Expression

Mormon Expression is a current, ongoing series of podcasts done on various Mormon topics. In fact, John Dehlin of Mormon Stories was on podcast # 8. We at MormonThink have greatly enjoyed listening to these fairly-presented podcasts and are delighted that they continue to be produced every week. They are interesting and many of us listen to them every week.

From their website:

Mormon Expression is weekly discussion of topics dealing with Mormon faith, culture, doctrine and history. We try to straddle the position between defense and criticism of the faith, and look at it from all points of view. We believe that Mormonism is interesting by itself, and we are going to talk about it!

Podcasts available here:


Mormon Expositor Podcast

Exploring all aspects of Mormonism, leaving no stone unturned. Even the rolling ones. Mormon Expositor Podcast


Mormon Matters

A weekly podcast exploring Mormon culture and current events. Mormon Matters Podcast

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