There are links related to specific topics contained in each of the sections as they're presented. This page contains summary websites that provide overall information related to Mormonism.

Source Material

One thing that people examining the truth statements of the LDS Church have a hard time finding is "safe" sources. They fear that anything that does not paint the Church or its teachings in a positive light must be "anti"-Mormon. Sometimes even material found on won't be looked at or believed by some devout members if it is not what a member has believed all their life.

In this section we list as many historical sources as possible (digital versions). Even if the material is hosted on an "anti"-Mormon site, the sources we point to are legitimate and do not have "anti"-Mormon information on the page.

Sites Supporting the Critics

Sites Supporting the LDS Church

Other Scholars

Sites supporting Latter-day Saints

Sites supporting Missionaries

  • Future Missionary - site made by Returned Missionaries to help new missionaries prepare to go on a mission. Informative and useful information.

Discussion websites

  • Recovery Board (largest, most popular exMormon site - former & struggling members. Some of the more radical posters can turn off the more timid truthseeker)
  • PostMormon Forum (mostly former members discussing the church, friendly and more intimate setting)
  • Mormon Discussions (perhaps the most neutral, more critics than faithful but includes many apologists)
  • Life After Mormonism (mostly former members - and has a lively weekend chatroom)
  • Mormon Dialogue (run by FAIR - pro church - they will ban you at the drop of a hat if you challenge them)
  • Reddit (Forum for ex-Mormons)
  • StayLDS (designed to keep members in - current admins will delete non-faith-promoting comments)
  • The Foyer: Further Light And Knowledge (members, questioning members)
  • New Order Mormon (Mostly active members that no longer believe in all of the church)
  • Aimoo: TheViewFromTheFoyer (members, questioning members)
  • Exmormon Group (Post Mormons)
  • Ex-Mormon Forums
  • Ex Mormons Unite This new forum seeks to help those who are leaving or thinking of leaving the LDS church to communicate with their loved ones and heal relationships, have a safe place to talk about their concerns and the financial means to seek professional help when needed, and promote truth and full-disclosure from the leadership of the Mormon church to their members and prospective members.



International Web Sites



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