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Mormon DVDs

There are a few DVDs that are available discussing some of the issues of Mormonism. Here's the ones we are aware of and our commentary on them:

The Lost Book of Abraham - examining a remarkable Mormon Claim

This is by far our most favorite video on the church issues. This 50-minute video gives a good introduction to the critic's arguments regarding the Book of Abraham. Even faithful LDS members will enjoy the information presented on the origins of the papyri from Thebes to their remarkable journey into the prophet's hands. Faithful member responses are given to the critic's arguments but not by the LDS church (they naturally declined to be in the movie). We would have enjoyed seeing both LDS and nonLDS Egyptologists interviewed at the same time to get a side-by-side comparison of their viewpoints but we don't think that will ever happen anywhere. The video brings up a compelling argument in sufficient detail for a short movie but does not get into all the areas as could be covered by books and other media.Link is here.

DNA vs the Book of Mormon

The DNA vs. The Book of Mormon documentary examines and compares genetic evidence identifying the DNA fingerprints of the Jewish populations and American Indian populations, and presents the testimony of several DNA experts in seeking to answer the question, “Are Israelites the principal ancestors of Native American Indians?”

It's a good video with subject experts Simon Southerton (Molecular Biologist, former Mormon) and Thomas Murphy (anthropologist, Mormon scholar, and DNA researcher). We liked it all except some of the non-Christian reviewers didn't care for the last 30 seconds. As it was funded by a Christian group, they do a 30 second "Come to Jesus" message at the end. The video is well worth watching.

Link is here.

Line upon Line: Mormonism Transcended

Produced by the Exmormon Foundation in 2007, this 30 minute documentary is one of our favorite documentaries dealing with the LDS Church. We also personally know several of the participants that appeared in the movie. This is also not an 'anti-Mormon' movie nor does it go into any depth regarding Mormon doctrine.

In this moving documentary, you will see some very courageous people who once lived as devout members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As you hear them tell their personal stories of how and why they left the Mormon church, you will learn that leaving this religion is an agonizing decision, and for most people, done only after years of questioning and study. It usually means leaving the only community and way of life they have ever known. Additionally, they are often marginalized from family and friends who remain in the church, which makes their transition out even more difficult. It is our hope that by telling their stories, greater understanding will occur.

Link is here.

South Park - All About Mormons episode

From the adult cartoon series South Park. A Mormon kid moves to South Park and it's up to Stan to beat him up. But when Stan and his Dad meet their new Mormon neighbors, they become fascinated with how genuinely nice they are. While the other boys mock Stan relentlessly for wimping out, Randy forces the rest of his family to become Mormon.

I'm not a huge South Park fan but this episode is very funny. Also, it does poke fun at some of the claims of Mormonism like Joseph translating the Book of Mormon out of his hat. Even many faithful members will get a chuckle out of the way this typical Mormon family is portrayed as too-good-to-be-true.

DVD available for sale as part of South Park's Season 7 or at Amazon

Youtube version available here

PBS Special "The Mormons" - aired by PBS Frontline on May 1, 2006.

This two-part documentary produced by PBS gives a fair introduction to Mormonism. We liked the first half which discussed the translation process's, Joseph's treasure digging and polygamy. However, we did feel that they spent an inordinate amount of time on the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Part 2 was more about members than Mormon history. Overall the production was very kind to the LDS Church as it did not discuss many things in detail that would have been very alarming to members such as details of the temple ceremony or the Book of Abraham translation problems. Can be purchased through dvd or viewed online.

Link is here.

Burying the Past

In Patrick's award winning documentary on the Mountain Meadows Massacre. "Burying the Past" not only carefully explains the circumstances leading up to this American tragedy, it also covers the more recent controversy between descendants of the victims and the LDS Church regarding how the victims should be memorialized.

We haven't seen this but it is available here.

The Bible vs the Book of Mormon

Produced by a Christian group. We haven't seen it but it is available here. How comparable are these two volumes as claimed in the opening sentence of the introduction to the Book of Mormon?

URL: Link is here.

Lifting the Veil of Polygamy

Produced by a Christian group. We haven't seen it but it is available here. Women and men from various fundamentalist Mormon groups escape and find living hope in Jesus. 

URL: Link is here.

Unveiling Grace

How active Mormon missionaries left the church while on their missions because of reading the New Testament. A BYU professor and parent, followed suit and left.

Link is here. 

LDS Transitions

Produced by a Christian group. Designed for LDS members in the transition process from the LDS Church to mainstream Christianity. Grant Palmer appears in several small clips in the DVD "LDS Transitions"