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More Personal Stories - Part 2

This is an extension of the original personal stories section that dealt mostly with more well-known former and current LDS Church members. This follow-up section is for anyone who wants to share their story or thoughts. Please email your stories or thoughts using the contact page.

Lara Peterson

One of the hardest things for many Mormons is telling their faithful family members they are leaving the church. Here is one woman's heart-felt letter to her family.

Lance Miles

Former member - left the Church in 2013 after going to FAIR's website. He also had a personal meeting with former Church Historian Elder Marlin Jensen to discuss Church History.

Charles Hutchinson

Current member - wrote essay on honesty.

Lee Baker

Former Bishop that left the LDS faith after 32 years of faithful service. Authored book on Mormonism and every week he addresses the Christian and Mormon listeners of Worship FM 101.7 in Monrovia, the capital City of Liberia, West Africa.

Kevin Rex

Former Bishopric counselor and stake high councilman and his journey of discovery.


Former Church Employee.

Benjamin Goldstein

Long-time investigator of the LDS Church.

Joshua Tesch

Latter-day Saint that discovered disturbing, historical truths about the LDS Church while on his mission.

Donald L. Cohen, MD

Donald Cohen is a well-educated, former convert of the LDS Church.


B.W. is a former member of the LDS Church.

Bruce Holt

Bruce was excommunicated from the LDS Church over one Facebook post in which he said that he believed Joseph Smith was a fraud.



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