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B. W.

This web page is dedicated to the story of B. W. and his dealings with the Mormon Church.

Who is B. W?

B.W. is a former member of the LDS Church.

My Story

How the LDS Church Lost Me or Why I Left the LDS (Mormon) Church: Part 1...

What I've shared here is how the LDS Church lost me and what I've learned along the way that led me to question my belief.  After repeated requests I've decided to put this in writing so that now and in the future when people ask me how the church lost me I can just send them a link to this document for easy access.

As you read this, you might feel ill.  You may have been taught that this feeling comes from Satan, but it does not.  If you learned that your child had been harmed in a car accident, you would feel ill.  If you discovered your life's savings had been stolen, you would feel ill.  If you discovered your church wasn't what it proclaimed to be, you would feel ill.  It is a natural human response.

Here's the short link to this doc Link is here.  The short link to Part 2 is Link is here.

I'm currently working on Part 2. However, I'm still adding new information as I find it to this document as well.  My primary goal so far is to focus on Joseph Smith's history in Part 1 and the rest of church history in “Part 2”

It's a labor of truth which I plan on covering the highlights of Mormon history in part 2.  I'm very interested in finding new reliable sources of information and adding them to both documents. 

Please share this information with anyone you think would benefit from it.  What I've shared here is no secret, however, the LDS church has been less than forthcoming in revealing this information.  What I've shared here covers what I've discovered up until Joseph Smith's death.  Church history gets even more interesting after that.  I implore you to research the links I've provided throughout.  At the bottom are a few links to other sites that have further light and knowledge.

If you discover anything I've shared which is historically inaccurate I would like to hear about it so I can correct it.  Email me at with any inaccuracies you find.