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Who is David?

David was raised as a fifth-generation Mormon, but after serving a short time as Managing Editor at MormonThink resigned from the church after the LDS Church called him to church court for apostasy for his writing and association with the MormonThink website.

David studied Physics & Molecular Biology in graduate school and is a published novelist, a represented artist, with his works shown in galleries, in books and used at art-technology conferences & symposiums. As a member of the LDS church, David had served his mission in Central America, among the Cakchiquel & Quiche Mayans, and was able to travel much of the countryside at the end of his mission where he began his interest in ancient American archaeology. He had served a short time as a Branch President, a number of years as Gospel Doctrine teacher, in Elder quorum presidencies, and in Bishoprics as a financial clerk.

His studies in many areas of science led him to move his perspective of the Book of Mormon as a religious narrative with history about ancient America to one viewing the Book of Mormon as an essential piece in the study of 19th century American history. As one of many MT contributors, he hopes to apply rigorous standards, such as the ones learned in his science training, to the study of LDS doctrine, history and perspectives.

David has been affiliated with MormonThink since the past decade when he was an active member of the LDS Church. David used his editing and research expertise to further the goals of sharing interesting and little known facts about Mormonism to those interested in learning about them.

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