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Darron T. Smith

This web page is dedicated to the accomplishments of Darron T. Smith and his dealings with the Mormon Church.

Who is Darron T. Smith?

Darron T. Smith is an author, researcher and current Latter-day Saint & MT contributor.

Darron Smith


Dr. Darron T. Smith is a frequent commentator on various issues of U.S. based and global issues of race, racism, and discrimination in forums ranging from The New York Times and Chicago Tribune op ed to ESPN's Outside the Lines. His research spans a wide myriad of topics on race including healthcare, religious and Mormon studies, sports, and adoption/family. Dr. Smith's current research focuses on health care workforce discrimination involving African American physicians and physician assistants. He is the co-author of White Parents, Black Children: Experiencing Transracial Adoption and Black and Mormon.

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Darron's Writings

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