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Report of Visit to Cuba

This is a report by an LDS Mission President commissioned by the First Presidency seeking to answer the question about whether or not missionary work should take place on Cuba. Here are some excerpts:

Under a heading of "The Problem"

The determining factors, as I analysed the Cuban situation as to whether missionary work should be carried on among this people, are (1) the number of pure white (Spanish) blood on the island (2) is the trend toward the preservation of this pure white blood (3) will there be an increase in the pure white blood (4) would an injection of our doctrine into the Cuban situation of no racial discrimination be wise (5) should the gospel be taught to the negro.

Under the heading "Favourable Factors"

There are at least one million people on the Island who are preserving their racial purity, that are entitled to all the blessings of the gospel.


Report on Visit to Cuba

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