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Dream Mine

This fascinating story began in the summer of 1894. The angel Moroni appeared and showed him an ancient Nephite gold mine near his home in Salem, Utah. He was told that the mine would produce financial relief, in the form of gold, after a future economic collapse. The hidden treasure would benefit the people by keeping alive the local economy during the financial crisis and other devastating calamities.

Is there a precedent for something like this? Yes. In 1896, shortly after the angel Moroni visited Bishop Koyle, a man named Jesse Knight filed a mining claim in another part of Utah. He told a friend that he was shown, in a dream, that he would find a great body of ore. The friend replied, "Humbug!", so that's what Jesse decided to call his new mine.

Money poured into the banks as Jesse uncovered deposit after deposit of silver and lead. His fortune was dedicated to helping others, and according to his own prediction, saved the credit of the Mormon church. Enough money was donated to wipe out over a million dollars of church debt. With the wealth the Lord blessed him with, he went on to finance the beginning of Brigham Young University. So yes, dream inspired mines have happened before.

In the Bible, we know Joseph of Egypt was inspired by dreams to prepare for a famine in his day. Likewise, the Relief Mine will play an important role in preparing for the famine that is coming. Grain silos will be built and store one million bushels of wheat, according to Bishop Koyle. This will be used to feed the thousands of people who will flee to the Rocky Mountains, as seen by the prophet Joseph Smith, when these future calamities take place.

In summary, the Relief Mine will provide financial relief in the form of gold and physical relief in the form of food. These resources will be used to establish the political kingdom of God, as it grows to become the most powerful kingdom on earth.


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MormonExpresson did a really interesting podcast on the Dream Mine. It is a tale full of visitations from the Three Nephites, prophecies and apostasy. It is episode Episode 30: The Dream Mine.

In this episode we interview De Lynn “Doc” Hansen, who firmly believes in the Dream Mine and has spent the majority of his life involved with its care.

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Radio West did a program on this recently:

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