the thinker

Spalding Authorship Page 4

by Dale R. Broadhurst

Comparison of selected phrases from the Oberlin Spalding manuscript and Book of Mormon

(71.1) maintain the rights and privileges and the honour and dignity of our country [ObMs 61]

(71.2) contending against tyrants and in defending the rights of their country [ObMs 61]

(71.3) they manifested a great regard for the rights of the other sex [ObMs 94]

(71.4) the people felt secure in the enjoyment of their rights [ObMs 100]

(71.5) to enable the people to understand their rights [ObMs 101]

(71.6) to vindicate the honour of our respective Crowns and the rights of the Empire [ObMs 120]

(71.7) the authority of our government and the rights of our empire [ObMs 121]

(71.8) that we should defend the rights of the imperial Family [ObMs 122]

(71.9) They all have equal rights [ObMs 128]

(71.10) the honour of our imperial government and the rights of our empire [ObMs 138]

(71.11) we must meet them like men determined to vindicate our rights [ObMs 140]

(71.12) every man may enjoy his rights and privileges alike [Mosiah 29:1 LDS]

(71.13) would deprive them of their rights and privileges of the church [Alma 2:4 LDS]

(71.14) that they durst not enjoy their rights and privileges [Alma 30:27 LDS]

(71.15) preserve their rights and their privileges, yea, and also their liberty [Alma 43:9 LDS]

(71.16) to defend their lands and their country, their rights and their liberties [Alma 43:26 LDS]

(71.17) to defend. . .their lands, their country, and their rights, and their religion [Alma 43:47 LDS]

(71.18) enter into a covenant that they will maintain their rights, and their religion [Alma 46:20 LDS]

(71.19) to defend his people, his rights, and his country, and his religion [Alma 48:13 LDS]

(71.20) to maintain their rights and the privileges of their religion by a free government [Alma 51:6 LDS]

(71.21) to maintain and to obtain their rights to the government [Alma 54:24 LDS]

(71.22) to reclaim their rights and their privileges [Alma 55:28 LDS]

(71.23) that I may preserve the rights and the liberty of my people [Alma 61:9 LDS]

(71.24) to maintain their rights, and the privileges of their church. . .their freedom and their liberty [3 Nephi 2:12 LDS]

(71.25) that this my people may recover their rights and government [3 Nephi 3:10 LDS]

(71.26) they did set at defiance the law and the rights of their country [3 Nephi 6:30 LDS]

(72.1) Let rulers consult the welfare of the people [ObMs 59]

(72.2) He shall consult the welfare of his people [ObMs 89]

(72.3) solicitude for the future welfare and respectability of their children [ObMs 099:03]

(72.4) regard for your future welfare and felicity [ObMs 110]

(72.5) Next to the welfare and prosperity of our Empire we should [ObMs 124:02]

(72.6) we should rejoice in the welfare and prosperity of yours [ObMs 124:03]

(72.7) I began to feel a desire for the welfare of my brethren [Enos 1:9 LDS]

(72.8) did labor exceedingly for the welfare and safety of his people [Alma 48:12 LDS]

(72.9) their great desires which they had for the welfare of this people [Alma 60:09 LDS]

(72.10) more diligently for the welfare and the freedom of this people [Alma 60:10 LDS]

(72.11) I seek. . . the freedom and welfare of my country [Alma 60:36 LDS]

(72.12) doing all things for the welfare and happiness of his people [Helaman 12:02 LDS]

(73.1) avenge the crime of Elseon [ObMs 125]

(73.2) unless Sciota shall avenge the crime of Elseon [ObMs 126]

(73.3) We will avenge the crime of Elseon [ObMs 126:29]

(73.4) unless we avenge the crime of Elseon [ObMs 126]

(73.5) We will avenge their wrongs [ObMs 130:32]

(73.6) I now behold you assembled to avenge the most flagitious crimes [ObMs 137]

(73.7) we should not only avenge our own wrongs [ObMs 137:18]

(73.8) avenge the injuries done to the honour of our imperial government [ObMs 138:08]

(73.9) war hath been waged to avenge their wrongs [Alma 54:24 LDS]

(73.10) Behold, I will avenge his blood upon you [Alma 54:16 LDS]

(73.11) they are flocking to us . . . to avenge our wrongs [Alma 61:06 LDS]

(73.12) and except ye do this, I will avenge their wrongs [3 Nephi 03:10 LDS]

(73.13) avenge themselves of the blood of their brethren [Mormon 3:9 LDS]

(73.14) and avenge themselves of the blood of their brethren [Mormon 3:14 LDS]

(73.15) he had sworn to avenge himself upon Coriantumr of the blood of his brother [Ether 14:24 LDS]

(74.1) at the time that Constantine arrived at that city [ObMs 006:11]

(74.2) at the time they enter their new habitation [ObMs 098:10]

(74.3) at the time their imperial governments were founded [ObMs 101:24]

(74.4) at the time they proceeded out. . .or, at the time the book proceeded out [1 Nephi 14:23 LDS]

(74.5) I knew not at the time when I made them that [1 Nephi 19:2 LDS]

(74.6) at the time that Zedekiah . . . was carried away captive [Omni 01:15 LDS]

(74.7) at the time that Mosiah discovered them, they had [Omni 01:17 LDS]

(74.8) the children of Nephi at the time they fled out of the land [Mosiah 11:13 LDS]

(74.9) being little children at the time he spake unto his people [Mosiah 26:1 LDS]

(74.10) those who were with Alma at the time the angel appeared [Mosiah 27:32 LDS]

(74.11) were with Alma at the time the angel first appeared [Alma 17:2 LDS]

(74.12) which doth possess your bodies at the time that ye go [Alma 34:34 LDS]

(74.13) at the time we were contending among ourselves [Alma 60:16 LDS]

(74.14) he was in disguise at the time that he murdered Pahoran [Helaman 01:12 LDS]

(74.15) at the time that he shall yield up the ghost there shall be [Helaman 14:21 LDS]

(74.16) to command them at the time that the robbers should come [3 Nephi 03:17 LDS]

(74.17) joy which filled our souls at the time we heard him pray for us [3 Nephi 17:17 LDS]

(74.18) at the time the Lord confounded the language [Ether 1:33 LDS]

(75.1) Elseon had firmly determined to marry [ObMs 106:01]

(75.2) his determination was fixed to transport the fair [ObMs 109:27]

(75.3) and expressed his firm determination to maintain a [ObMs 113:06]

(75.4) but his determination was to march with the utmost [ObMs 160:26]

(75.5) being fixed in their minds with a determined resolution [Alma 47:06 LDS]

(75.6) to the land of Noah with a firm determination [Alma 49:13 LDS]

(75.7) fixed with a determination to conquer our enemies [Alma 58:12 LDS]

(75.8) for it was his determination to go forth and cut his way [Helaman 01:23 LDS]

(76.1) by their speeches inspired the men with boldness and courage [ObMs 142]

(76.2) But they were resisted with a boldness [ObMs 157]

(76.3) and marched forward with equal boldness and celerity [ObMs 166]

(76.4) and I will endeavor to speak with boldness [Mosiah 7:12 LDS]

(76.5) and pleaded for himself with much boldness [Alma 1:11 LDS]

(76.6) And I stood with boldness to declare unto them [Alma 9:7 LDS]

(76.7) And Ammon began to speak unto him with boldness [Alma 18:24 LDS]

(76.8) that they durst not look up with boldness [Alma 30:27 LDS]

(76.9) because of the boldness of Giddianhi demanding the possession of the land [3 Nephi 3:11 LDS]

(76.10) Giddianhi, who had stood and fought with boldness [3 Nephi 4: 14 LDS]

(76.11) did not flee from before the Lamanites, but did stand with boldness against them [Mormon 2:24 LDS]

(76.12) they did stand against the Lamanites with exceeding boldness [Mormon 4:20 LDS]

(76.13) Behold, I speak with boldness [Moroni 8:16 LDS]

(77.1) dispel the clouds of anxiety which rest upon my soul [ObMs 106]

(77.2) the anxiety and impatience of his father for his return. [ObMs 111]

(77.3) such was Elseon's engagedness and anxiety to secure his fair prize [ObMs 114]

(77.4) The gloom and anxiety which for a number of days were visible [ObMs 141]

(77.5) filled with the greatest anxiety lest Hamboon should not arrive in season [ObMs 158]

(77.6) But their anxiety soon vanished [ObMs 158]

(77.7) Such was their anxiety to precipitate their march [ObMs 159]

(77.8) this afforded no small alleviation to their anxiety and grief [ObMs 159]

(77.9) the great anxiety of Elseon and his warriors to visit their friends in the fort [ObMs 169]

(77.10) this hath been the anxiety of my soul from the beginning [2 Nephi 1:16 LDS]

(77.11) mine anxiety is great for you [2 Nephi 6:3 LDS]

(77.12) because of faith and great anxiety, it truly had been made manifest [Jacob 1:5 LDS]

(77.13) with much more desire and anxiety for the welfare of your souls [Jacob 2:3 LDS]

(77.14) and stumble because of my over anxiety for you [Jacob 4:18 LDS]

(77.15) because of the great anxiety of his people [Mosiah 28:12 LDS]

(77.16) with great anxiety even unto pain [Alma 13:27 LDS]

(77.17) and do await with great anxiety for the word [3 Nephi 3:3 LDS]

(78.1) when a tremendous storm arose and drove us into [ObMs 7]

(78.2) Whilst deliberating on this subject a mariner arose [ObMs 15]

(78.3) A great and flourishing empire arose [ObMs 91]

(78.4) No wars took place. . .except what arose from the surrounding Savages [ObMs 92]

(78.5) Hamack then arose and in his hand he held a stone [ObMs 126]

(78.6) at length the venerable Boakim arose [ObMs 127]

(78.7) And Lakoonrod the High priest arose [ObMs 129]

(78.8) As soon as he entered Lamesa arose [ObMs 141]

(78.9) Next morning they arose with renovated vigor [ObMs 151]

(78.10) there arose a mist of darkness [1 Nephi 8:23 LDS]

(78.11) as my father arose in the morning [1 Nephi 16:10 LDS]

(78.12) I arose and went up into the mountain [1 Nephi 17:7 LDS]

(78.13) there arose a great storm, yea, a great and terrible tempest, and we were driven back [1 Nephi 18:13 LDS]

(78.14) there arose contentions among them [Mosiah 7:25 LDS]

(78.15) they arose and came forth out of the water [Mosiah 18:14 LDS]

(78.16) he arose. . . and as he arose [Alma 19:12 LDS]

(78.17) she arose and stood upon her feet [Alma 19:29 LDS]

(78.18) he arose and stood upon his feet [Alma 19:30 LDS]

(78.19) when Ammon arose he also administered unto them [Alma 19:33 LDS]

(78.20) there arose an Amalekite and began to contend with him [Alma 21:5 LDS]

(78.21) and Amulek arose and began to teach them [Alma 34:1 LDS]

(78.22) And I arose and stood up [Alma 36:8 LDS]

(78.23) there arose a dissension among them [Alma 45:23 LDS]

(78.24) there arose a warm dispute concerning the matter [Alma 51:4 LDS]

(78.25) when Nephi arose he beheld the multitudes [Helaman 7:12 LDS]

(78.26) there arose a division among the people [Helaman 10:1 LDS]

(78.27) there arose a great storm, such an one as never had been known in all the land [3 Nephi 8:5 LDS]

(78.28) And Nephi arose and went forth [3 Nephi 11:19 LDS]

(78.29) And he arose and stood before him [3 Nephi 11:20 LDS]

(78.30) there arose a people who were called the Nephites [4 Nephi 36 LDS]

(78.31) there arose a rebellion among the people [Ether 11:15 LDS]

(78.32) there arose up Shared [Ether 13:23 LDS]

(78.33) there arose the brother of Shared [Ether 14:3 LDS]

(78.34) Shiz arose, and also his men [Ether 15:28 LDS]

(79.1) his head sunk -- she sunk after him [ObMs 28]

(79.2) Their eyes rather small and sunk deep in the head [ObMs 40]

(79.3) I saw many cities that they were sunk [1 Nephi 12:4 LDS]

(79.4) sunk deep into my heart [Enos 1:3 LDS]

(79.5) he sunk again with joy; and the queen also sunk down [Alma 19:13 LDS]

(79.6) and thus they all three had sunk to the earth [Alma 19:14 LDS]

(79.7) And many great and notable cities were sunk [3 Nephi 8:14 LDS]

(79.8) Moroni have I caused to be sunk [3 Nephi 9:4 LDS]

(79.9) Gilgal have I caused to be sunk [3 Nephi 9:6 LDS]

(79.10) all these have I caused to be sunk [3 Nephi 9:8 LDS]

(79.11) And they were spared and were not sunk [3 Nephi 10:13 LDS]

(79.12) But there were many cities which had been sunk [4 Nephi 9 LDS]

(80.1) I immediately tore it down [ObMs 2]

(80.2) Immediately the natives ran with apparent signs of surprise and astonishment [ObMs 10]

(80.3) The company immediately formed a procession [ObMs 25]

(80.4) ten musicians immediately mounted [ObMs 26]

(80.5) I immediately communicated my determination [ObMs 33]

(80.6) We were immediately conducted to the King [ObMs 34]

(80.7) The poison was immediately defused [ObMs 57]

(80.8) A house was immediately prepared [ObMs 68]

(80.9) Measures must immediately be taken for the defense of the kingdom [ObMs 73]

(80.10) Call immediately into the field an army of three thousand men [ObMs 74]

(80.11) The retreating army of Hadocam immediately returned [ObMs 77]

(80.12) Moonrod and the other Gentlemen immediately rode back [ObMs 115]

(80.13) Moonrod immediately rushed into Emperors presence [ObMs 116]

(80.14) Let her be immediately demanded [ObMs 119]

(80.15) an Envoy was immediately dispatched [ObMs 120]

(80.16) solicits him to assemble his councillors immediately proclaim war [ObMs 126]

(80.17) they shall immediately receive ethereal bodies [ObMs 130]

(80.18) Their places were immediately supplied [ObMs 146]

(80.19) Their tho'ts were immediately turned to the sanguine field [ObMs 151]

(80.20) they immediately pursued them with the utmost expedition [ObMs 156]

(80.21) The Sciotan Emperor immediately formed his plan of attack [ObMs 156]

(80.22) he immediately dispatched a party of about four thousand from his band [ObMs 157]

(80.23) a most bloody engagement would take place immediately [ObMs 159]

(80.24) But immediately returned back and commanded his forces [ObMs 160]

(80.25) He immediately dispatched an express to Hamboon [ObMs 161]

(80.26) and immediately began the massacre of the defenseless multitude [ObMs 164]

(80.27) His orders were immediately spread thro' every part of the fort [ObMs 165]

(80.28) immediately after my father left Jerusalem [2 Nephi 25:10 LDS]

(80.29) he doth immediately bless you [Mosiah 2:24 LDS]

(80.30) he sent a message immediately unto them [Alma 15:4 LDS]

(80.31) they went immediately, obeying the message [Alma 15:5 LDS]

(80.32) And he, immediately, seeing the contention among his people [Alma 19:31 LDS]

(80.33) Now the knowledge. . . was immediately published throughout all the land [Alma 30:57 LDS]

(80.34) he turned him about, his face immediately towards him [Alma 32:6 LDS]

(80.35) immediately shall the great plan of redemption be brought about [Alma 34:31 LDS]

(80.36) if Adam had put forth his hand immediately [[Alma 42:5 LDS]

(80.37) he did cause the death of the king immediately [Alma 51:34 LDS]

(80.38) I immediately gave orders that my men [Alma 57:24 LDS]

(80.39) he immediately sent an epistle to Pahoran [Alma 59:3 LDS]

(80.40) Moroni immediately caused that provisions should be sent [Alma 62:12 LDS]

(80.41) and immediately returned to the Nephites [Helaman 5:17 LDS]

(80.42) immediately when the judge had been murdered [Helaman 9:6 LDS]

(80.43) it was noised abroad among the people immediately [3 Nephi 19:2 LDS]

(80.44) For immediately after I had learned these things [Moroni 8:7 LDS]

(81.1) considerably civilized and skilled in the arts of war [ObMs 3]

(81.2) in which they display all the arts of mimicry [ObMs 54]

(81.3) pride himself in those deceitful arts by which [ObMs 119]

(81.4) he made use of the most insidious arts [ObMs 121]

(81.5) The arts of these conjurers were the consummation of Sambal's plan [ObMs 126]

(81.6) seeking by various arts and stratagems to gain an advantage [ObMs 154]

(81.7) he worketh many things by his cunning arts [1 Nephi 16:38 LDS]

(81.8) Now these lawyers were learned in all the arts and cunning of the people [Alma 10:15 LDS]

(81.9) having studied, himself, in all the arts of war and all the cunning of the world [Ether 13:16 LDS]

(82.1) gratify the more inquisitive and learned part of my readers [ObMs 4]

(82.2) education under the tuition of a very learned Master [ObMs 6]

(82.3) the Government appoint learned men to instruct the sons [Ob Ms 52]

(82.4) The works of the learned are not very voluminous [ObMs 52]

(82.5) for a certain class of the learned to entertain the company [ObMs 53]

(82.6) That in each assembly a learned holy man shall preside [ObMs 63]

(82.7) When they are learned they think they are wise [2 Nephi 9:28 LDS]

(82.8) But to be learned is good if they hearken [2 Nephi 9:29 LDS]

(82.9) the wise, and the learned. . . who are puffed up [2 Nephi 9:42 LDS]

(82.10) And he was learned, that he had a perfect knowledge [Jacob 7:4 LDS]

(82.11) Now these lawyers were learned in all the arts and cunning of the people [Alma 10:15 LDS]

(82.12) which confound the wise and the learned [Alma 32:23 LDS]

(82.13) and I began to be learned somewhat after the manner of the learning [Mormon 1:2 LDS]

(83.1) may censure this performance with great acrimony [ObMs 4]

(83.2) completed these sacred ceremonies with great solemnity [ObMs 26]

(83.3) came instantly, sliding with great velocity [ObMs 028:11]

(83.4) rode with great convenience and safety [ObMs 36]

(83.5) by treating them with great familiarity [ObMs 44]

(83.6) conducted with great ingenuity, and great quantities [ObMs 45]

(83.7) could read and write with great correctness and facility [ObMs 68]

(83.8) spent with great cheerfulness and merriment [ObMs 97]

(83.9) treated by their children with great tenderness and respect [ObMs 99]

(83.10) considered the subject with great seriousness and attention [ObMs 109]

(83.11) they entered the circle with great ceremony [ObMs 113]

(83.12) used it with great strength and dexterity [ObMs 114]

(83.13) were managed with great coolness and impartiality [ObMs 119]

(83.14) apologized. . . with great ingenuity [ObMs 125]

(83.15) urged with great vehemence that war should be declared [ObMs 131]

(83.16) he proceeded with great expedition [ObMs 135]

(83.17) The wind began to blow from the west with great violence [ObMs 150]

(83.18) the hail poured down. . . and was carried with great velocity [ObMs 150:18]

(83.19) It flew with great velocity and had not [ObMs 168:32]

(83.20) he will visit you with great destruction [Mosiah 29:27 LDS]

(83.21) contend with the Nephites with great strength [Alma 02:17 LDS]

(83.22) they saw and beheld with great sorrow that [Alma 04:08 LDS]

(83.23) I wish. . . with great anxiety even unto pain [Alma 13:27 LDS]

(83.24) they were struck with great fear, and fled from [Alma 14:29 LDS]

(83.25) Let us nourish it with great care, that it may [Alma 32:37 LDS]

(83.26) by your faith with great diligence, and with patience [Alma 32:41 LDS]

(83.27) I was struck with such great fear and amazement [Alma 36:11 LDS]

(83.28) to fight with such exceedingly great strength [Alma 43:43 LDS]

(83.29) the Lamanites pursuing them with great vigor [Alma 56:52 LDS]

(83.30) with his strength and also with his great wisdom [Helaman 01:16 LDS]

(83.31) they did preach with great power, insomuch that [Helaman 05:17 LDS]

(83.32) preach unto the Lamanites with such great power [Helaman 05:18 LDS]

(83.33) many did preach with exceedingly great power and [Helaman 06:05 LDS]

(83.34) but they do swell with great pride, unto boasting [Helaman 13:22 LDS]

(83.35) and do await with great anxiety for the word [3 Nephi 03:03 LDS]

(83.36) did minister with power and with great authority [3 Nephi 07:17 LDS]

(83.37) the people began to look with great earnestness for the sign [3 Nephi 08:03 LDS]

(83.38) forsaken thee, but with great mercies will I gather thee [3 Nephi 22:07 LDS]

(83.39) did come upon us with exceedingly great power [Mormon 2:03 LDS]

(83.40) and did urge them with great energy, that they would [Mormon 03:23 LDS]

(83.41) go against the Lamanites with exceedingly great anger [Mormon 04:15 LDS]

(84.1) great joy and gladness were visible in every countenance [ObMs 38]

(84.2) received the orders of the Emperor with great joy [ObMs 135]

(84.3) Great, inexpressibly great was the joy of the citizens [ObMs 169]

(84.4) filled my soul with exceedingly great joy [1 Nephi 8:12 LDS]

(84.5) how great was their joy [1 Nephi 16:32 LDS]

(84.6) unto their great joy and salvation [1 Nephi 19:11 LDS]

(84.7) and rejoice with exceedingly great joy [Mosiah 3:13 LDS]

(84.8) which causeth such exceedingly great joy in your souls [Mosiah 4:11 LDS]

(84.9) so exceedingly great was your joy [Mosiah 4:20 LDS]

(84.10) he was filled with exceedingly great joy [Mosiah 21:24 LDS]

(84.11) they were filled with exceedingly great joy [Mosiah 25:8 LDS]

(84.12) being filled with great joy because of the [Alma 04:14 LDS]

(84.13) the exceedingly great joy of knowing [Alma 7:4 LDS]

(84.14) great is my joy [Alma 7:17 LDS]

(84.15) the people did hear with great joy and gladness [Alma 16:20 LDS]

(84.16) so great is my joy [Alma 29:16 LDS]

(84.17) and he beheld with great joy; for he beheld [Alma 32:06 LDS]

(84.18) doth give me exceedingly great joy [Alma 36:25 LDS]

(84.19) I shall have great joy in you [Alma 38:2 LDS]

(84.20) I have had great joy in thee already [Alma 38:3 LDS]

(84.21) and they did worship God with exceedingly great joy [Alma 45:01 LDS]

(84.22) one thing in which we may have great joy [Alma 56:9 LDS]

(84.23) But behold, to my great joy [Alma 56:56 LDS]

(84.24) and was filled with exceedingly great joy because [Alma 62:01 LDS]

(84.25) there was peace and exceedingly great joy [Helaman 3:32 LDS]

(84.26) the people of the church did have great joy [Helaman 6:3 LDS]

(84.27) For ye shall have great joy and be exceedingly glad [3 Nephi 12:12 LDS]

(85.1) along the banks of this river there are great towns [ObMs 33]

(85.2) but finally arrived safely at the great city Owhahon [ObMs 38]

(85.3) his appearing at the great city of Golanga [ObMs 64]

(85.4) his appearance in the great city of Golanga [ObMs 66]

(85.5) They at length arrive at the great city of Gamba [ObMs 114]

(85.6) or the great city Jerusalem must be destroyed [1 Nephi 1:4 LDS]

(85.7) Neither did they believe that Jerusalem, that great city, could be destroyed [1 Nephi 2:13 LDS]

(85.8) I looked and beheld the great city of Jerusalem [1 Nephi 11:13 LDS]

(85.9) that this great city should be destroyed in one day [Alma 9:4 LDS]

(85.10) destroyed, and also their great city [Alma 16:9 LDS]

(85.11) had built a great city, which was called Jerusalem [Alma 21:2 LDS]

(85.12) into the heart of their lands to attack that great city Zarahemla [Helaman 1:18 LDS]

(85.13) this great city, and also all those great cities which [Helaman 7:22 LDS]

(85.14) that these our great cities shall be taken from us [Helaman 8:5 LDS]

(85.15) wo unto this great city of Zarahemla [Helaman 13:12 LDS]

(85.16) if it were not for the righteous who are in this great city [Helaman 13:13 LDS]

(85.17) Behold ye, the people of this great city [Helaman 13:21 LDS]

(85.18) that great city Zarahemla [3 Nephi 9:3 LDS]

(85.19) that great city Moroni [3 Nephi 9:4 LDS]

(85.20) that great city Moronihah [3 Nephi 9:5 LDS]

(85.21) that great city Jacobugath [3 Nephi 9:9 LDS]

(85.22) O ye people of these great cities which have fallen [3 Nephi 10:4 LDS]

(85.23) that great city Zarahemla did they cause to be built again [4 Nephi 8 LDS]

(85.24) And they built a great city by the narrow neck of land [Ether 10:20 LDS]

(86.1) Hail ye favorite children of the great and good Spirit [ObMs 23]

(86.2) as dear to the great and good being as what thou art [ObMs 59]

(86.3) As the great author of our existence is benevolent [ObMs 61]

(86.4) the second son of the great and good Being [ObMs 70]

(86.5) derived your existence from the great father of Spirits [ObMs 79]

(86.6) The seven sons of the great Spirit [ObMs 125]

(86.7) the great and good Being is on our side [ObMs 126]

(86.8) It was never designed by the great and good Being [ObMs 128]

(86.9) satisfy the righteous demand of the great and good Being [ObMs 130]

(86.10) This destruction is commanded by the great benevolent Spirit [ObMs 131]

(86.11) The great and good Being is indignant towards them [ObMs 137]

(86.12) since the great and good Being had miraculously interposed [ObMs 150]

(86.13) through the great Mediator of all men [2 Nephi 2:27 LDS]

(86.14) I would that ye should look to the great Mediator [2 Nephi 2:28 LDS]

(86.15) fulfil the merciful plan of the great Creator [2 Nephi 9:6 LDS]

(86.16) in the sight of your great Creator [Jacob 3:7 LDS]

(86.17) Behold, is not this the Great Spirit [Alma 18:2 LDS]

(86.18) Now this is the Great Spirit of whom our fathers have spoken [Alma 18:4 LDS]

(86.19) this Great Spirit, who is God, created all things [Alma 18:28 LDS]

(86.20) Yea, he is that Great Spirit, and he created all things [Alma 22:10 LDS]

(86.21) that our great God has in goodness sent these [Alma 24:7 LDS]

(86.22) I thank my great God that he has [Alma 24:8 LDS]

(86.23) And I also thank my God, yea, my great God, that he hath granted [Alma 24:10 LDS]

(86.24) through the blood of the Son of our great God, which shall be shed [Alma 24:13 LDS]

(86.25) And the great God has had mercy on us [Alma 24:14 LDS]

(86.26) the command of our great and everlasting God [Helaman 12:8 LDS]

(86.27) our great and true God [Helaman 13:18 LDS]

(86.28) righeousness which is in our great and Eternal Head [Helaman 13:38 LDS]

(86.29) their Redeemer, and their great and true shepherd [Helaman 15:13 LDS]

(86.30) the great Jehovah, the Eternal Judge [Moroni 10:34 LDS]

(87.1) the spirit and principles of the great preceptor [ObMs 84]

(87.2) the reputation of being a great conqueror [ObMs 84]

(87.3) was the great Oracle of both empires [ObMs 91]

(87.4) the great founder of their government and religion [ObMs 108]

(87.5) the memory of its great founder [ObMs 121]

(87.6) all his priests and great officers assembled around him [ObMs 126]

(87.7) the great founder of our government and religion [ObMs 128]

(87.8) he having been a great protector for them [Jacob 1:10 LDS]

(87.9) the great head of our government [Alma 60:24 LDS]

(87.10) the great chief judge who had been slain [Helaman 9:10 LDS]

(87.11) that he might raise himself to be a great man. . . and a prophet [Helaman 9:16 LDS]

(87.12) they did esteem him as a great prophet [Helaman 11:18 LDS]

(87.13) and the great commander of the armies [3 Nephi 3:18 LDS]

(87.14) this Gidgiddoni was a great prophet among them [3 Nephi 3:19 LDS]

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