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Spalding Authorship Page 2

by Dale R. Broadhurst

Comparison of selected phrases from the Oberlin Spalding manuscript and Book of Mormon

At the Head of His Army


And it came to pass that when Ammon had made ready the horses and chariots for the king and his servants, he went in unto the king. . . [Alma 12:82 RLDS, 18:12 LDS]

Hamboon, mounted on an elegant horse, richly caparisoned, rode through the encampment proclaiming aloud. . .[Oberlin MS 142:22]


And now it came to pass that Helaman did march at the head of his two thousand stripling soldiers. . . [Alma 24:78 RLDS, 53:22 LDS]

. . .Elseon at the head of thirty thousand warriors. They had marched with the greatest speed. . . [Oberlin MS 165:25-27]


Marching And Fighting Armies: More Textual Parallels


(1.1) At the head of this army, Bombal began his march [ObMs 075:11]

(1.2) Sambal, at the head of a great multitude [ObMs 130:28]

(1.3) At the head of a select band of sixteen thousand [ObMs 136:09]

(1.4) At the head of ten thousand bold and robust warriors [ObMs 136:15]

(1.5) At the head of this army. . . he marched [ObMs 140:25]

(1.6) are now at the head of one hostile army [ObMs 141:32]

(1.7) are at the head of the other (army) [ObMs 141:34]

(1.8) Hamkol at the head of many thousand Sciotans [ObMs 147:22]

(1.9) being at the head of my brave warriors [ObMs 160:02]

(1.10) himself at the head of about one thousand warriors [ObMs 164:09]

(1.11) Now Alma. . .went up. . .at the head of his armies [Alma 2:16 LDS]

(1.12) Amalickiah had come. . . at the head of his army [Alma 49:10 LDS]

(1.13) Amalickiah did himself come down, at the head of the Lamanites [Alma 51:12 LDS]

(1.14) Helaman did march at the head of these two thousand [Alma 56:09 LDS]

(1.15) Coriantumr did march forth at the head of his numerous host [Helaman 01:19 LDS]

(1.16) I did go forth at the head of an army of the Nephites [Mormon 2:2 LDS]


(2.1) Rambock marched his whole army towards the city of Gamba. . . [ObMs156:13]

(2.2) Coriantumr. . . did march forth with his whole army into the city . . . [Hel. 1:21 RLDS, 2:20 LDS]


(3.1) they retreated and marched to the fort [ObMs 157:26]

(3.2) they retreated. . .and marched towards the Land of Noah. . . [Alma 21:163 RLDS, 49:12 LDS]


(4.1) They began their march towards the Land of Kentuck. . . [ObMs138:15]

(4.2) took their camp and marched towards the land of Noah [Alma 49:12 LDS]

(4.3) and had begun his march towards the land Bountiful [Alma 52:15 LDS]

(4.4) they should march forward by another way towards the land of Manti [Alma 58:26 LDS]

(4.5) Moroni. . . took his march towards the land of Gideon [Alma 62:03 LDS]

(4.6) whatsoever force he could in all his march towards the land of Gideon [Alma 62:04 LDS]

(4.7) took their march with a large body of men towards the land of Nephihah [Alma 62:14 LDS]

(4.8) they pursued their march towards the land of Nephihah [Alma 62:18 LDS]


(5.1) Call immediately into the field an army of three thousand men [ObMs 074:05]

(5.2) Kentucks . . . assembled an army of thirty thousand men who [ObMs 075:07]

(5.3) plan of Lobaska, an army of thirty thousand men were captured [ObMs 117:19]

(5.4) food, which was guarded to us by an army of two thousand men [Alma 58:08 LDS]

(5.5) an army of six thousand men should be sent unto Helaman [Alma 62:12 LDS]

(5.6) that an army of six thousand men. . . be sent to the armies of Lehi [Alma 62:13 LDS]


(6.1) by this small band of valiant citizens [ObMs 157:08]

(6.2) fighting Lamoch and the little band of desperate heroes [ObMs 166:01]

(6.3) He instantly selected a small band and marched [ObMs 167]

(6.4) with the survivors of his little band of warriors [ObMs 170:21]

(6.5) join their brethren, my little band of two thousand [Alma 57:06 LDS]

(6.6) my little band of two thousand and sixty [Alma 57:19 LDS]

(6.7) lead them out of the city by our small bands [Alma 58:02 LDS]


(7.1) rid our country from the most ferocious band of murderers [ObMs 116:16]

(7.2) send forth to take this band of robbers and secret murderers [Helaman 02:10 LDS]


(8.1) gentlemen immediately rode back with the greatest speed [ObMs 115:24]

(8.2) They had marched with the greatest speed [ObMs 165:26]

(8.3) and marched, with the utmost speed, to the left wing [ObMs 167:26]

(8.4) Antipus, beholding our danger, did speed the march of his army [Alma 56:38 LDS]

(8.5) weariness, which was occasioned by the speed of their march [Alma 56:51 LDS]

(8.6) we took our march with speed towards the city Cumeni [Alma 57:34 LDS]

(8.7) the Lamanites did follow after us with great speed [Alma 58:19 LDS]

(8.8) and their march was with such exceedingly great speed that [Helaman 01:19 LDS]


(9.1) He had a reserved core, who were placed in the rear of the main body [ObMs 75]

(9.2) The musicians fell back in the rear [ObMs 145]

(9.3) others were sorely wounded & retired back in the rear [ObMs 146]

(9.4) had the divisions or bands in the rear of each army remained inactive [ObMs 147]

(9.5) But the bands in the rear of their army instantly rushed forward [ObMs 147]

(9.6) being reinforced by a body of troops in their rear [ObMs 149:18]

(9.7) found the war to rage both in front and rear [ObMs 157]

(9.8) the Sciotan army and lie in ambush in their rear [ObMs 159:24]

(9.9) and to fall upon the rear of the Kentucks. [ObMs 157]

(9.10) their places were supplied from the rear [ObMs 167]

(9.11) encircled the Lamanites about on the east in their rear [Alma 43:35 LDS]

(9.12) the Nephites coming upon them in their rear [Alma 43:36 LDS]

(9.13) Moroni had been in their rear with his army [Alma 52:29 LDS]

(9.14) the Lamanites in the rear delivered up their weapons [Alma 52:36 LDS]

(9.15) to fall upon them in their rear, and thus bring them [Alma 55:23 LDS]

(9.16) bring them up in the rear at the same time [Alma 56:23 LDS]

(9.17) the armies of the Nephites both in their front and in their rear [3 Nephi 04:25 LDS]


(10.1) those who shall die, gloriously fighting in the cause of their country and their God . . .shall arise quickly to the abodes of increasing delight and glory. [ObMs 130:22]

(10.2) they have died in the cause of their country and of their God, yea, and they are happy. [Alma 56:11 LDS]

(10.3) those who had rebelled against their country and also their God [Alma 62:02 LDS]


(11.1) If invaded by an enemy he shall defend them [ObMs 083:19]

(11.2) able to defend themselves against an invading enemy [ObMs 103:10]

(11.3) should go to defend themselves against the Lamanites [Alma 43:23 LDS]

(11.4) were taught to defend themselves against their enemies [Alma 48:14 LDS]

(11.5) they should go to defend themselves against their enemies [Alma 48:16 LDS]

(11.6) were they prepared to defend themselves against the Lamanites [Alma 49:20 LDS]

(11.7) to defend themselves against their enemies [Alma 53:16 LDS]


(12.1) execute His vengeance in their overthrow and destruction [ObMs 103:17]

(12.2) predict their eventual overthrow and destruction [ObMs 128:31]

(12.3) the Sciotans . . . have been overthrown and destroyed [ObMs 150:07]

(12.4) come upon our land, to our overthrow and utter destruction [Alma 58:09 LDS]

(12.5) the overthrow, yea, almost the entire destruction of the [Helaman 02:13 LDS]

(12.6) to your overthrow and destruction if ye shall suffer these [Ether 08:23 LDS]


(13.1) The slaughter was immense and each [ObMs 149:20]

(13.2) An immense slaughter was made [ObMs 151:30]

(13.3) viewed the immense slaughter that had been made [ObMs 152:07]

(13.4) and make a most dreadful slaughter [ObMs 154]

(13.5) contrived the slaughter of the Sciotans [ObMs 155:26]

(13.6) which prevented an immense slaughter of citizens [ObMs 157:31]

(13.7) that an indiscriminate slaughter had taken place [ObMs 158]

(13.8) After the slaughter was ended, in passing [ObMs 162:10]

(13.9) Great already had been the slaughter which the [ObMs 165:19]

(13.10) Sambal's death and the immense slaughter [ObMs 169:16]

(13.11) wars, and great slaughters with the sword [1 Nephi 12:02 LDS]

(13.12) and we slew them with a great slaughter [Mosiah 10:20 LDS]

(13.13) they slew the Amlicites with great slaughter [Alma 02:18 LDS]

(13.14) and did slay them with much slaughter [Alma 02:19 LDS]

(13.15) there was a tremendous slaughter among the people [Alma 28:03 LDS]

(13.16) they were slain with an immense slaughter [Alma 49:21 LDS]

(13.17) to slay them with an exceedingly great slaughter [Alma 59:07 LDS]

(13.18) great has been the slaughter among our people [Alma 60:05 LDS]

(13.19) that they did slay them with a great slaughter [Alma 62:38 LDS]

(13.20) slaying the people with a great slaughter [Helaman 01:27 LDS]

(13.21) and the great slaughter which was among them [Helaman 04:11 LDS]

(13.22) yea, great and terrible was the slaughter thereof [3 Nephi 04:11 LDS]

(13.23) and the great slaughter which had been made [3 Nephi 04:24 LDS]

(13.24) slaughtered with an exceedingly great slaughter [Mormon 04:21 LDS]


(14.1) they fell with horrid groans, pale and lifeless on the sanguine plain [ObMs 146:23]

(14.2) and tumbling headlong, with a groan, expired [ObMs 148:13]

(14.3) The young hero fell and, with a groan, expired [ObMs 155:30]

(14.4) to the heart, that he fell dead without a groan [Helaman 02:09 LDS]


(15.1) afforded them no time to bury their dead [ObMs 151:06]

(15.2) be employed from each army in burying the dead [ObMs 151:24]

(15.3) for the purpose of burying the remains of those [ObMs 153:09]

(15.4) leaving five thousand men to bury the dead [ObMs 171:08]

(15.5) I, myself. . . did help to bury their dead [Mosiah 09:19 LDS]

(15.6) after they had finished burying their dead they all [Alma 03:01 LDS]

(15.7) a sepulchre. . . for the purpose of burying their dead [Alma 19:01 LDS]

(15.8) and their dead were buried by the people of the land [Alma 30:01 LDS]

(15.9) after they had buried their dead, and also after [Alma 30:02 LDS]

(15.10) compel them to go forth and bury their dead, yea [Alma 53:01 LDS]

(15.11) after the Lamanites had finished burying their dead [Alma 53:03 LDS]

(15.12) and had buried our dead and also the dead of the [Alma 57:28 LDS]

(15.13) there was none left to bury the dead, but they did [Ether 14:22 LDS]


(16.1) and you will fight like wolves [ObMs 076:11]

(16.2) my brave warriors, and fight like heroes [ObMs 145:28]

(16.3) share their fate unless you fight like heroes [ObMs 166:15]

(16.4) exerted themselves and like dragons did they fight [Mosiah 20:11 LDS]

(16.5) yea, they did fight like dragons [Alma 43:44 LDS]



(17.1) determined either to die gloriously fighting or to obtain victory [ObMs 140]

(17.2) Determined to conquer or die, it was impossible to [ObMs 147:01]

(17.3) determined to destroy his life or lose his own [ObMs 166:34]

(17.4) we will retain our swords, and we will perish or conquer [Alma 44:08 LDS]

(17.5) they were determined to conquer in this place or die [Alma 56:17 LDS]


(18.1) Determined to investigate (( the )) design of this [ObMs 002:01]

(18.2) Elseon had firmly determined to marry Lamesa [ObMs 006:01]

(18.3) I am determined to remove [ObMs 033:19]

(18.4) men determined to vindicate our rights and to retaliate [ObMs 140:10]

(18.5) determined to risk their lives in the defence of the city [ObMs 156:27]

(18.6) determined, if they found their enemy, to take ample [ObMs 159:06]

(18.7) determined to wait for the return of Sambal [ObMs 171:16]

(18.8) insomuch that they were determined to slay them [Alma 46:02 LDS]

(18.9) he was determined. . .to overpower the Nephites [Alma 48:04 LDS]

(18.10) and they were determined by the sword to slay them [Alma 50:26 LDS]

(18.11) the Lamanites were determined to maintain those cities [Alma 52:05 LDS]

(18.12) Jacob was determined to slay them and cut his way through [Alma 52:34 LDS]

(18.13) ye are still determined to carry on after his death [Alma 54:05 LDS]

(18.14) they were determined to maintain those cities [Alma 56:26 LDS]

(18.15) they were still determined to maintain the city [Alma 57:11 LDS]

(18.16) being determined to overthrow the Lamanites in that city [Alma 62:14 LDS]


(19.1) It is impossible to describe the horror of the bloody scene . . . the blood and carnage of so many thousand brave warriors [ObMs 162:01]

(19.2) And it is impossible for the tongue to describe, or for man to write a perfect description of the horrible scene of the blood and carnage . . . [Mor 2:13 RLDS, 4:11 LDS]


(20.1) nothing would satisfy but blood and carnage [ObMs 125:06]

(20.2) redoubled their efforts in spreading death and carnage [ObMs 149:02]

(20.3) the blood and carnage of so many thousand brave warriors [ObMs 162:04]

(20.4) did spread so much death and carnage throughout the land [3 Nephi 2:11]

(20.5) there was blood and carnage spread throughout all the face of the land [Mormon 2:8]

(20.6) such an awful scene of blood and carnage [Mormon 5:8]

(20.7) so long had been the scene of bloodshed and carnage [Ether 14:21]


(21.1) They demanded quarter and surrendered themselves prisoners of war [ObMs 117:09]

(21.2) the Kentucks. . . surrendered themselves prisoners of war [ObMs 117:15]

(21.3) He took them prisoners of war, and took possession [Alma 55:24 LDS]

(21.4) and also themselves as prisoners of war [Alma 56:54 LDS]

(21.5) that when they had surrendered themselves up unto us [Alma 56:55 LDS]

(21.6) deliver themselves up as prisoners of war [Alma 56:56 LDS]

(21.7) after they had surrendered themselves prisoners of war [Alma 57:14 LDS]


(22.1) by using a little stratagem [ObMs 073:23]

(22.2) saw the success of his stratagem [ObMs 077:21]

(22.3) Reduced . . . by a stratagem the most ingenious & artful to a situation which [ObMs 078:10]

(22.4) the curious stratagem of Lobaska [ObMs 079:03]

(22.5) by persuing the stratagem or plan of Lobaska [ObMs 117:19]

(22.6) as much wit as much stratagem courage strength & inhumanity [ObMs 128:05]

(22.7) seeking by various arts & stratagems to gain advantage [ObMs 154:14]

(22.8) to use stratagem instead of attacking under great disadvantages [ObMs 156:04]

(22.9) that he should defend them by stratagem [Alma 43:30 LDS]

(22.10) perhaps he might take again by stratagem or some other way [Alma 52:10 LDS]

(22.11) Moroni resolved upon a stratagem [Alma 54:3 LDS]

(22.12) we were desirous to bring a stratagem into effect upon them [Alma 56:30 LDS]

(22.13) resolving by stratagem to destroy us [Alma 58:6 LDS]

(22.14) by this stratagem we did take possession of the city of Manti [Alma 58:28 LDS]

(22.15) they did not resolve upon any stratagem in the night-time [Alma 62:35 LDS]


(23.1) As the Sciotans sallied out in parties to plunder [ObMs 153:32]

(23.2) fired with indignation, sallied forth in parties in every direction [ObMs 155:19]

(23.3) they began to be fearful, and began to sally forth [Alma 56:29 LDS]

(23.4) And the Lamanites were sallying forth against us [Alma 58:06 LDS]

(23.5) those armies. . . began to come down and to sally forth [3 Nephi 04:01 LDS]


(24.1) the intended massacre of a barbarous unrelenting enemy [ObMs 158:22]

(24.2) that their wives and their children should be massacred by the barbarous cruelty [Alma 48:24 LDS]


(25.1) posted his warriors in a narrow passage which led to the city [ObMs 156:31]

(25.2) caused heaps of them to lie prostrate in the narrow passage [ObMs 157:07]

(25.3) forcing his march into the city through this narrow passage [ObMs 157:11]

(25.4) by the narrow pass which led by the sea into the land northward [Alma 50:34 LDS]

(25.5) and secure the narrow pass which led into the land northward [Alma 52:09 LDS]

(25.6) to the narrow passage which led into the land [Mormon 02:29 LDS]

(25.7) by the narrow pass which led into the land southward. [Mormon 03:05 LDS]


(26.1) attacked them with such fury [ObMs 073:05]

(26.2) charged each other with incredible fury [ObMs 148:03]

(26.3) With tenfold rage and fury his warriors maintained the conflict [ObMs 148:31]

(26.4) They attacked them with incredible fury [ObMs 157:18]

(26.5) engaged in the conflict with tenfold fury [ObMs 167:27]

(26.6) to battle with exceeding fury against Moroni [Alma 52:33 LDS]

(26.7) they fought on both hands with exceeding fury [Alma 52:35 LDS]

(26.8) pressed upon their rear with such fury. [Alma 52:36 LDS]


(27.1) visit your crimes upon your head with a tenfold vengeance [ObMs 119:12]

(27.2) cruelties retaliated upon themselves with a threefold vengeance [ObMs 154:04]

(27.3) blood of thousands shall come upon your heads for vengeance [Alma 60:10 LDS]


(28.1) Warriors met warriors with such equal strength and courage [ObMs 149:08]

(28.2) Lamanites. . . fight with such exceedingly great strength and courage [Alma 43:43 LDS]


(29.1) caused heaps of them to lie prostrate in the narrow passage [ObMs 157:07]

(29.2) that they should commence in digging up heaps of earth [Alma 50:01 LDS]

(29.3) they did cast up mighty heaps of earth to get ore [Ether 10:23 LDS]

(29.4) and their bones should become as heaps of earth upon the [Ether 11:06 LDS]


(30.1) When Hadokam. . . had received this plan. . . he immediately [ObMs 089:11]

(30.2) When Hamboon had received this letter, he immediately [ObMs 122:06]

(30.3) When Labanco had. . . he immediately assembled [ObMs 138:29]

(30.4) after Moroni had received. . . Helaman's epistle. . .he immediately sent [Alma 59:01 LDS]

(30.5) when Moronihah had discovered this, he immediately sent [Helaman 01:28 LDS]


(31.1) The remainder of the three thousand sold their lives [ObMs 157:28]

(31.2) With the remainder of his own troops, he returned back [ObMs 162:26]

(31.3) The remainder escaped to their own land [ObMs 162:28]

(31.4) he marched with the remainder, which consisted of about twenty [ObMs 171:09]

(31.5) the remainder he concealed in the west valley [Alma 43:32 LDS]

(31.6) he did stir up the remainder of his soldiers to anger [Alma 44:16 LDS]

(31.7) while the remainder of the seed of Joseph shall perish [Alma 46:24 LDS]

(31.8) the remainder were delivered up into the hands of Moroni [Alma 46:33 LDS]

(31.9) the remainder of those dissenters, rather than be smitten down [Alma 51:20 LDS]

(31.10) the remainder of them, being much confused, knew not whither [Alma 52:36 LDS]

(31.11) leaving the remainder to maintain the city [Alma 56:33 LDS]

(31.12) and the remainder I took and joined them to my stripling [Alma 56:67 LDS]

(31.13) as the remainder of our army were about to give way [Alma 57:20 LDS]

(31.14) I remained, with the remainder of my army [Alma 58:17 LDS]

(31.15) that he might obtain the remainder of those possessions [Alma 59:04 LDS]

(31.16) the remainder of the people of Nephihah were obliged to flee [Alma 59:08 LDS]

(31.17) enable the Lamanites to conquer the remainder of the land [Alma 61:08 LDS]

(31.18) come. . . and leave the remainder in the charge of Lehi [Alma 61:15 LDS]

(31.19) gave Lehi and Teancum command over the remainder of his army [Alma 62:03 LDS]

(31.20) and the remainder of them fled into the land of Moroni [Alma 62:25 LDS]


(32.1) the remaining part of this extensive country [ObMs 085:16]

(32.2) slow through the remaining part of the journey [ObMs 114:18]

(32.3) spent the remaining part of the day and evening [ObMs 115:13]

(32.4) took the remaining part of his army [Alma 43:25 LDS]


(33.1) Even Bombal himself declared that [ObMs 084:13]

(33.2) even the king himself went before his people [Mosiah 20:07 LDS]

(33.3) Yea, even Amalickiah did himself come down [Alma 51:12 LDS]


(34.1) Hamelick himself was slain [ObMs 149:30]

(34.2) Coriantumr . . . he himself was slain [Helaman 01:32 LDS]


(35.1) Great were the amazement and consternation of Rambock [ObMs 162:32]

(35.2) Great indeed was the surprise, the consternation [ObMs 163:33]

(35.3) But as great was their grief and lamentation, when they [ObMs 169:26]

(35.4) when they beheld. . . how great was their joy [1 Nephi 16:32 LDS]

(35.5) so great was their faith and their patience that [Mosiah 24:16 LDS]

(35.6) And so great was their astonishment, that they fell [Mosiah 27:12 LDS]

(35.7) fell again to the earth, for great was their astonishment [Mosiah 27:18 LDS]

(35.8) that so great was their fear that they fell to the earth [Alma 14:27 LDS]

(35.9) But behold, how great was their disappointment [Alma 49:04 LDS]


(36.1) lest we should fall into the hands of robbers [ObMs 034:01]

(36.2) lest Hamboon should not arrive in season to prevent [ObMs 158:25]

(36.3) lest by any means a part of the Lamanites should come into that land [Alma 43:25 LDS]

(36.4) against the Nephites lest they should lose their lives [Alma 47:02 LDS]

(36.5) fearful lest the army of Moroni should come upon them [Alma 50:28 LDS]

(36.6) lest the Lamanites had awakened and should come upon them [Alma 51:36 LDS]

(36.7) lest the Lamanites should obtain that point [Alma 52:09 LDS]

(36.8) lest perhaps they should not obtain the city Mulek [Alma 52:28 LDS]

(36.9) Helaman feared lest by so doing they should lose their souls [Alma 53:15 LDS]

(36.10) lest they should not be sufficiently strong and they should fall [Alma 56:24 LDS]

(36.11) turn to the right nor to the left lest they should be surrounded [Alma 56:40a LDS]

(36.12) nor to the left lest they should overtake me [Alma 56:40b LDS]

(36.13) let us go, lest they should overpower the army of Antipus [Alma 56:46 LDS]

(36.14) he feared lest that he should be destroyed [Helaman 02:11 LDS]


(37.1) The bridegroom and bride are now desirous to form a family [ObMs 098:01]

(37.2) in the enjoyment of their rights, and desirous to raise up [ObMs 100:24]

(37.3) We are, however, desirous that an honorable reconciliation may take place [ObMs 124:19]

(37.4) Amalickiah was desirous to be a king [Alma 46:04 LDS]

(37.5) people who were wroth were also desirous that he should be their king [Alma 46:04 LDS]

(37.6) all the people who were desirous to maintain their liberty [Alma 46:28 LDS]

(37.7) Therefore, those who were desirous that the law should be altered [Alma 51:04 LDS]

(37.8) those who were desirous that Pahoran should be dethroned [Alma 51:05a LDS]

(37.9) for they were desirous that the law should be altered in a manner [Alma 51:05b LDS]

(37.10) those who were desirous that Pahoran should remain [Alma 51:06 LDS]

(37.11) Lehi was not desirous to overtake them till they should meet [Alma 52:30 LDS]

(37.12) moved with compassion and were desirous to take up arms [Alma 53:13 LDS]

(37.13) made them more desirous to drink of the wine [Alma 55:10 LDS]

(37.14) we were desirous that the Lamanites should come upon us [Alma 56:21 LDS]

(37.15) for we were not desirous to make an attack upon them [Alma 56:21 LDS]

(37.16) therefore we were desirous, if they should pass by us [Alma 56:23 LDS]

(37.17) we were desirous to bring a stratagem into effect upon them [Alma 56:30 LDS]

(37.18) they were exceedingly desirous to overtake us [Alma 58:19 LDS]

(37.19) the Lamanites that were prisoners were desirous to join [Alma 62:27 LDS]

(37.20) as many as were desirous, unto them it was granted [Alma 62:28 LDS]


(38.1) and all were astonished at his eloquence [ObMs 064:23]

(38.2) and all were astonished at the ingenuity of his arguments [ObMs 067:15]

(38.3) Zeezrom was astonished at the words which had been spoken [Alma 14:06 LDS]

(38.4) insomuch that they began to be astonished at his power [Alma 17:36 LDS]

(38.5) the king was greatly astonished at the words which he [Alma 20:27 LDS]

(38.6) And. . . were exceedingly astonished at their manner [Alma 49:09 LDS]

(38.7) and began to be less and less astonished at a sign [3 Nephi 02:01 LDS]


(39.1) weight on the minds of a great majority of the people [ObMs 108:28]

(39.2) plan to produce in the minds of the multitude [ObMs 126:34]

(39.3) excited in the minds of the Kentucks a more ardent thirst [ObMs 148:28]

(39.4) The cowardly mind of Ulipoon was not a [ObMs 159:28]

(39.5) terror seized the minds of the whole multitude [ObMs 164:05]

(39.6) to prepare the minds of the children of men [Alma 16:16 LDS]

(39.7) and also this was the minds of the people [Alma 17:06 LDS]

(39.8) powerful effect upon the minds of the people [Alma 31:05 LDS]

(39.9) they found out privily the minds of all the people [Alma 35:05 LDS]

(39.10) they had found out the minds of all the people [Alma 35:06 LDS]

(39.11) that they may prepare the minds of their children [Alma 39:16 LDS]

(39.12) had been preparing the minds of the people [Alma 48:07 LDS]

(39.13) established according to the minds of those who [3 Nephi 07:14 LDS]


(40.1) Thus ended the affair [ObMs 016:23]

(40.2) Thus ended the great battle on the Plains [ObMs 151:01]

(40.3) and thus ended the days of Alma, who was the founder of [Mosiah 29:47 LDS]

(40.4) And thus ended the words of Amulek, or this is all [Alma 11:46 LDS]

(40.5) And thus ended the account of Alma, and Helaman [Alma 63:17 LDS]

(40.6) And thus ended the days of Pacumeni [Helaman 01:21 LDS]

(40.7) And thus ended the book of Helaman, according to [Helaman 16:25 LDS]

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