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Paul H. Dunn

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"[Paul H. Dunn told a] tale about his best friend, ‘who died in his arms during a World War II battle, while imploring Dunn to teach
America's youth about patriotism.' Then there was the riveting account of how God protected him as enemy machine-gun bullets ripped away his
clothing, gear and helmet without ever touching his skin.' Another inspirational yarn explained 'how perseverance and Mormon values led
him to play major-league baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals.' Unfortunately, none of these stories were true. Dunn's 'dead' friend was still alive; only the heel of his boot was ever touched by a bullet; and he never played for the Cardinals."

- Abanes, One Nation Under Gods, p. 427

Some of the stories Dunn told:

1. "The sole survivor among 11 infantrymen in a 100-yard race against death, during which one burst of machine-gun fire ripped his right boot
off, another tore off his ammunition and canteen belt and yet another split his helmet in half - all without wounding him."

2. "[Dunn kept] a Japanese prisoner from being butchered by GIs bent on revenge for the torture slayings of American soldiers."

3. "[Wrestled] a dynamite pack off a child kamikaze infiltrator, saving himself and the child."

4. "Survived being run over by an enemy tank, while others were crushed."

5. "One of only six individuals in his 1,000-man combat group who survived a major battle, and was the only one of those six not wounded."

- Arizona Republic, February 16, 1991, p. B-9

"I confess that I have not always been accurate in my public talks and writings."

- Paul Dunn, "Official Apologizes for Embellishing Stories," Washington Times, October 28, 1991