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"A man can go with his wives to be a god in his own right. No man can become a god unless he has more wives than one."

- Prophet Warren Jeffs, F.L.D.S. prophet, in the Los Angeles Times, "Flora's War," August 1, 2004, p. 16

"... on Sunday, 25 November 1990, I was taken into the most exquisite of environments. I was surrounded with sweet light on all sides, with the capacity to view things as they really are. I was seated, and two brilliant Personages came into view, walking up to the side and behind me. They laid their hands upon my head. Two others appeared and walked up in front of me. They joined the first two, and likewise laid their hands upon my head. They were glorious beings, clothed in white robes which hung nigh to their ankles. They had white hair and beards. They were bare footed and all of them were slender. Indeed, they were resurrected Gods; for they were the grand patriarchs Enoch, Noah, Abraham and Moses--each one a dispensation head. With the Prophet Enoch as voice, they did what John the Revelator foresaw: these Angels began the great work of the very last days as described in the Book of Revelation, seventh chapter, and plainly declared by the Prophet Joseph Smith in Doctrine and Covenants 77, verses 8-11. Once again, the everlasting gospel was committed to man on earth by the angels of God. As a high priest, I was ordained under their hands unto the holy order of God, to administer the everlasting gospel and to bring as many as will come to the church of the Firstborn. The Apostleship and keys of the Kingdom were given to conclude the work of the last dispensation; to reclaim the true house of Israel, to redeem Zion and repossess the earth. All praise, honor and glory be to Adam, our father and God, and to Jesus Christ, the mediator of the new covenant!"

- Jim Harmston, Prophet of the True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days, "Testimony of the Prophet," online at Link is here.

"As I gazed out my window considering my lack of knowledge on these questions, all of a sudden, in a split second, in my mind, I was shown a strange symbol, something like an Egyptian hieroglyphic. As soon as it was displayed to my mind's eye the interpretation was given to my understanding "You are to be instrumental in the establishment of Zion where your organizational skills will be used!"

- Philip P. Savage, Presiding Patriarch and Apostle in the True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days, Savage's testimony online at Link is here.

"I stand as a witness of Adam our Father and God, Christ our Redeemer and Lord. I know that they live for I have been in their presence and felt of their eternal spirit and power. Though I did not see them with my mortal eyes, I have felt of their powerful presence and that witness and revelation burns in my soul. I know that the literal gathering of the Lord's elect is taking place here in Manti, that there is a people that is trying to live the fullness of the gospel as revealed by the Prophet Joseph Smith. The LDS people have rejected the laws of God and have embraced the world, even Babylon. They have allowed their leaders to change those thing that can not be changed, for all must be saved on the same principles. If you will study the words of God's prophets and pray with true intent the witness of the spirit will be given to you."

- Ammon Dennis Trimble, Apostle in the True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days, Trimble's testimony online at Link is here.

I make this solemn declaration before God this day, God being my witness, and I expect some day to stand before the judgement bar to answer for this statement.
The manifestation and words of the visits of the Messenger are true. I have seen him from time to time. I heard his voice, I've seen his face, I saw the light, I felt his hand on my head and the slap on my shoulder. I was enwrapt in that wonderful Heavenly and Divine power, and the words I have given you are not my words, but the words God sent by John the Baptist. I want to make this statement, so that everyone may know that this is true; it matters little what will become of me hereafter, but I cannot, nor will not, deny the things I have seen and heard from the Heavenly Messenger as long as I have my right mind, and God gives me life and His grace to endure here on Earth. Others may make statements about me, but I want this to be understood that this statement is true. And I shall abide by the advice and
instructions given by the Messenger regardless of what men may say.

Signed Otto Fetting
Independence, Missouri, October 9, 1929

- Otto Fetting revelation, founder of the Church of Christ with the Elijah Message (an LDS sect), four others were witnesses to seeing the angel and had their testimonies notorized, in The Word of the Lord Brought to Mankind by an Angel; also online at Link is here.

Note: Fetting's church is not polygamist, but for lack of a better location, I stuck this quote here.