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Book of Mormon Animals

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"The terms cattle, horses, sheep and so on are mentioned at several points in the Nephite record. And it is dismaying to some who wish to be dismayed, I believe and a few others who (honestly) wish an answer could be provided why there are not cows like we mean cows, horses like we mean horses, sheep like we mean sheep. The fact is that all the ancient studies say those animals simply were not present in the New World. Period. They were not here."

- John Sorenson, LDS Apologist, FARMS article from their website

All of these animals are found in the Book of Mormon yet none of them existed in America during Book of Mormon times:

    1. Ass
    2. Bull
    3. Calf
    4. Cattle
    5. Cow
    6. Domestic Goat
    7. Horse (plays a major role in the Book of Mormon)